Electric scooter steering failure reasons

Source:Wuyi Shengte Vehicle Co., Ltd. special Publication time:2019-09-29

Electric scooters are now a practical means of transport, and many are loved by consumers for their ease of handling and flexibility.

What we are talking about today is one of the more perturbed problems encountered with electric scooters. Many customers sometimes feel that steering is not particularly flexible or can not turn when using an electric scooter and are sometimes borrowed External force can barely turn some, so for the customer in terms of use received a great obstacle, in fact, because with the electric scooter shaft bearings. (The figure below the red circle position)

When the bearing is too tight is caused by the electric scooter can not rotate the lever freely, so there will be customers that the steering is not flexible or can not turn to the problem. If you need to adjust the tightness, you need to unscrew the screw in the upper part of the shaft first (the position of the screw is in the red circle in the figure), then remove the hand-held shaft and use the relative tool to rotate the bearing loosely. Do not worry too much in the process of loosening , But to the side of the trial whether the steering wheel can be rotated normally, reached the normal rotation of the case can not be loose bearings.

Customers without the corresponding tools, then you can contact the car shop advice on how to deal with, the customer unauthorized use of loose bearings may damage the electric scooter and will also affect the electric scooter life and warranty.