Electric scooter folding and installation considerations

Source:Wuyi Shengte Vehicle Co., Ltd. special Publication time:2019-09-28

Scooters have won the praise of the majority of customers for the convenience of traveling, and are also very much appreciated by customers for such convenient means of transportation. However, some attention is paid to small details during the process of folding and carrying the balance car.

1, handrail folding and unfolding process, the round shaft pull down the pressure when the speed is slower, if too hard to hold the hand of the round shaft will knock the stick. Unfolded, hands to hold the ends of the round shaft, not close to the shaft and the vertical bar interface to avoid injury.

2, the body in the process of unfolding, after the positioning pin pulled out, both hands and vertical bars to hold the body to start it, do not hand on the positioning of the location of the tip so as not to harm the opponent. Stretch in the process of a certain degree of elastic hands to hold in order to avoid other problems caused by the elastic force.

3, when folding the seat, the process of folding should not be placed under the cushion under the seat, hand holding the seat bar, the other hand holding the front cushion, seat in the rotary operation safe. And in the process of opening and closing the buckle, the buckle should be fastened tightly, and the buckle should be pushed back by the palm of your hand. Holding the buckle and buckling back may result in the possibility of pinching.

When you fold or unfolding the scooter in the process of encountering can not open the fold, pay attention to see if it has been in place. If the operation is in place or not, you can contact the shop or after-sales service point in time to deal with, not to pull the car pulled hard, so as not to cause other damage to the car.